How to Care for Your Goalkeeper Gloves Let’s simplify and recap the core pillars of caring for your gloves and ultimately extending the life of them. — Pre-wash the gloves before your first initial use. — Occasionally dampen palms with water during use to help with the grip. — Wash immediately after use in water under 30ºC. — Leave the gloves to dry naturally — Keep in a cool environment out of direct sunlight. TIP: When wearing your goalkeeping gloves in training or non-competitive environments, try and avoid using the palms to pick yourself up off the ground. Try to use your fists to push yourself back up to avoid the palms of your gloves seeing contact with the ground. Using your palm will help you spring back up quicker, but you can minimise wear during non-game situations using the fist method above. Goalkeeper gloves are predominantly designed for use on natural surfaces like grass unless specified (e.g. a specialist 3G/astro turf latex which sacrifices grip for durability). If you are using a goalkeeper glove on an artificial surface such as 3G or astro turf you will be placing a higher level of stress on the latex, therefore it will wear much quicker.
How to Wash Goalkeeper Gloves 1. If you want to make the most out of your goalkeeper gloves, wash immediately after use in warm water (a maximum of 30º C). 2. Rinse and soak the gloves in the sink and make sure that you rinse off all of the glove cleaner if you have decided to wash with a solution, as leaving a glove cleaner on gloves can potentially cause damage. 3. The gloves should be washed by hand, using your thumbs to scrub dirt off lightly - applying too much pressure can tear pieces of the latex. We do not recommend using a form of brush or scrubber for this reason. 4. It is not necessary, but applying a glove cleaner to the gloves will help ensure that all of the dirt is removed and make the process quicker. Ensure you follow the instructions of the solution you have purchased. 5. Leave your gloves to dry naturally, it should take around a day. For more information on the best way to dry your gloves keep reading.