The more you respect and treat them well, the longer they will last

  1. A goalkeeper always needs to be in top condition in order to leave the pitch as winner. The same applies to his gloves: To deliver a high-level performance, gloves require a lot of attention – also off the pitch. If you follow the hints below you can easily extend the lifespan of your gloves and make sure they reveal their full potential when you need it the most.

    Washout … 
    The latex palm must be rinsed with lukewarm water before the first use, especially if the gloves are brand new. This ensures any soap residue, which was necessary for the production of the gloves, is removed.Aqua latex palms should be rinsed with warm water (35 to 40°C) a couple of hours before each use. This activates the hydro-grain™ thermo-granules and guarantees ideal grip in wet conditions. It is very important that the palms remain moist at any time during the match to be fully efficient.


    Latex is considered a very delicate material and therefore requires special care, even after the match. Dirt impairs the grip properties of latex palms and must be removed quickly. Wash your gloves in warm water (max. 50°C), using a special glove cleaner/glove wash liquid. Avoid putting them into the washing machine. Leave them to dry slowly in a place away from direct sunlight or heaters.

    Power nap!
    Besides cleaning, storage plays an important role in the maintenance of goalie gloves. UV-rays or sun light dry out the latex and cause it to break or crumble. This is why you should keep your gloves away from direct sunlight and neon glow lamps! Especially designed glove bags offer ideal protection against external influences.