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Our gloves are designed with keepers in mind, focusing on the different conditions and environments they are worn in. The gloves have been developed over a number of years, taking into consideration what our team of professionals tell us they need to succeed

Sells Goalkeeper Products® prides itself on using the ultimate in cutting edge technology and materials.

You can be sure that when choosing the brand, the product will be unsurpassed...



With passion for sports Reusch keeps focusing its strengths on the development of professional gloves. As a global acting sports glove supplier with German roots we’re concentrating on different elements interacting with each other.

Tradition is one key element of Reusch. Since 1934, for us tradition means transferring knowledge and experience from the past to the present. Tradition is development; it’s the reflection of success! From then till now. Knowledge is our engine of progress. Analyzing the market, foreseeing trends, and understanding the customer needs - all this mixed with fresh team spirit ends up in outstanding sports gloves for amateurs and professionals.


The name Uhlsport is synonymous with respect, value and trust amongst  goalkeepers, due to our placing our football dreams and aspirations on them for so many years. Owning a "half moon" glove was like wearing an insurance on our hands.Today, even with the fierce competition, Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves are still playing the role of the "older brother" in the world of gloves, demonstrating that they're still innovating and evolving year after year in order to offer us a range of products worthy of the brand.